Fascia Gun Muscle Massage Gun Electric Muscle Relaxer

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1. Ergonomic layout, greater comfortable grip, will let you release fatigue, relieve discomfort, and make your health effect exceptional.
2. It is appropriate for healing after exercise fatigue, recuperation after sports activities injury, pain remedy for the duration of restoration duration, and reduction of inflammatory reaction.

Product details

Four -speed variable frequency regulation, rubdown scientifically to relax stiff and stressful muscle tissue
Electric Muscle Relaxer Vibration Massager , high hardness, corrosion resistance, and clean to use up warmth
aerodynamic noise discount design, small noise, quiet work
with 4 rubdown heads, satisfy the want of different muscle businesses
integrated 2400mah lithium battery, higher patience
take true care of each muscle, release fatigue and relieve aches and pains


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